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Current Band Members 2015

Drum Major Carl Cook Victor McGregor (P) Drum Sergeant Jason Sarver (SD)
Pipe Major Brad Green (P) Ernie Mullins (P) Jonathan Quagliani (SD)
Pipe Sergeant Reg Lyle (P) Brian Nelson (P) Leah Williams (SD) (BD)
Andy Anderson(P) Todd Nichols (P) Linda Kirk (TD)
Dillion Anderson (P) Benjamin Pugh (P) Julie Talley (TD)
Bill Carpenter (P) Kealan Rivera (P)  
Pat Czar (P) Alex Sanchez (P)  
Joan Foren (P) Agnes Shabat (P)  
Matthew Hutchinson (P)    
Javier Cubero (P) (ST) Nancy Malican (P) (ST) Nick Lydic (SD) (ST)
John MacDonald (P) (ST) Ryan Currin (SD) (ST) Carl Holloman (BD) (ST)

P = Piper, SD = Snare Drum, TD = Tenor Drum, BD = Bass Drum, ST=Student

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